Countdown until Santa's launch:

Tracking Father Christmas

Santa is currently very busy with his elves to make sure that all the presents are loaded onto the sleigh and ready to fly! On Christmas Eve at 9am GMT, a map will appear below, similar to the map already shown - but with one very important difference: there will be an icon highlighting the current location of Santa. Please check back on the 24th. Based on previous years, we have shown his approximate flight path.

What route will Santa take?

Based on his route last year, we can guess that he will follow the approximate route below. This is not entirely accurate though, as he obviously has a lot of houses to visit along the way. He starts out from his base in Lapland travelling very quickly around the world, finishing in Greenland.

** UPDATE **

* Like every plane that flies around the world, Santa must submit a flight plan. A very kind elf has leaked Santa's flight plan to us... click here to read Santa's flight plan! *

Santa's Christmas Route